Copyright 2018Great Dane Club of Pennsylvania, Inc.
[affiliated with The Great Dane Club of America , Inc.]
Purpose of the Great Dane Club of Pennsylvania:

This club was founded to:
  1. Promote the program and purposes of the Great Dane Club of America.
  2. Otherwise aid and assist the parent club in encouraging the study of the breed by breeders, owners, exhibitors, judges, and all others interested in the breed
  3. Encourage and promote specialty shows and classes in all-breed shows, including the offering of prizes, creating publicity, and encouraging shows where Great Danes are exhibited
  4. Encourage scientific breeding of the Great Dane and to secure new fanciers to the breed
  5. Do all in its power to protect and advance the interest in the breed.


Membership in the Great Dane Club of Pennsylvania is open to anyone who is in good standing with the American Kennel Club and the Great Dane Club of America, and who owns or has owned a Great Dane, or if any member of the immediate family owns or has owned a Great Dane.  The applicant must be interested in the welfare and advancement of the breed, and must be sponsored by two members of the club, one of whom knows the applicant personally.

For further information on becoming a member, please contact our Membership Chairman, Sandi Colfax