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Thank you for your interest in the Great Dane Club of Pennsylvania.

Our club was originally organized as The Philadelphia Great Dane Fanciers Association, then as The Great Dane Club of Philadelphia.  The name was changed to what it currently is in 1939. We are one of the oldest clubs in the country devoted to the interests of Great Danes.

While the backbone of our club’s membership is a core of devoted exhibitors and breeders with many years of experience in our breed, many of our members do not have any interest in showing their beloved companion dogs.  They belong to the club solely for the fun and camaraderie that is offered through sharing an appreciation of our breed.

Our club currently holds dinner meetings at 7:30 p.m. on the second Monday of each month, March through November.
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Several times a year we offer programs that are enlightening, entertaining, and hopefully educational.  All guests are welcome.  In addition, our members and their guests gather each year to celebrate our breed and our accomplishments at an annual Awards Dinner held at one of the many fine restaurants in the area.

We hold two "fun"  matches each year, spring and fall.  Here new puppies and handlers alike can experience the fun of competing in the most casual of arenas, and perhaps enjoy the exhilaration of winning their very first ribbon!  For the more seasoned enthusiast, our annual Independent Specialty Show has been held on the first Sunday in October for over 40 years.

Conveniently located a short drive from the metro Philadelphia area, the beautiful country setting of our show site is easily accessible from the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  It offers a relaxed atmosphere, good food, concessions, raffles that will appeal to all dog lovers, and the opportunity to experience autumn in the Northeast at its best.  Our show traditionally draws entries of the finest our breed has to offer from many areas of the country.  Recently, we have also been hosting a second specialty show each spring in conjunction with an all-breed dog club in the area.

So, if you share the sentiments found in the Club’s mission statement:  "…It is our responsibility to encourage sincere, responsible, ethical, and scientific breeding, and to protect and advance the interests of the Great Dane…", please give some thought to joining us at one of our meetings and get to know us. 

You’ll be glad you did.
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